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BayFresh Inc., based in Atlanta, GA, is a leading importer and supplier of high quality shrimp products. BayFresh's parent companies Geekay Hatcheries and Neeva Aero Solutions have been instrumental in the growth of the aquaculture industry in India. Through our partnerships with world class researchers and pioneers, we introduce and implement newest standards of aquaculture in India.

We procure shrimp harvested in farms owned and operated by Geekay Hatcheries and our partners. With the help of advanced technology such as Aero-Tube™, and aquaculture strategy, Biofloc, we produce sustainable, environment friendly shrimp. Biofloc technology is recommended by the Aquacultural Engineering Society. Though these sustainable production practices increase our cost, we supply the best quality shrimp to our customers at competitive prices by minimizing traditional layers in the supply chain.

  • Our Goals
  • How we work
  • Hatchery
  • Farms
  • Processing Plants
  • Imports

  • To provide the highest quality shrimp and exceptional service to our customers
  • Lower our costs by utilizing the best technology and implementing the best techniques, not by cutting corners
  • Think sustenance in every step

Our production process begins right here at Shrimp Improvement Systems, in the United States, from where Geekay Hatcheries imports the broodstock. The broodstock is used to produce high quality shrimp seed. The seed is supplied to Geekay Farms where the shrimp is raised using best practices. Our farms feed processing plants located in the vicinity.

Our hatcheries located along the fertile coast line of Southern India are BAP certified and use state of the art technology in association with NCMA laboratories, Florida, to ensure the production of high quality shrimp seed. The best quality Brood Stock is flown in from the US and hatched. Standard Operating Procedures are observed during the entire production cycle and Critical Control Points are monitored continuously to maintain high production standards for high quality produce.

Our BAP certified farms are located along the Southern Indian Coast line and very close to our hatcheries to expedite the production process and reduce time lags. We use BioFloc Technology which offers improved Biosecurity and reduces the risk of crop loss to disease out breaks. This mechanism also minimizes negative effluent impact on receiving waters. Aeration levels in the ponds are continuously monitored to maintain appropriate oxygen levels.

Our partner processing plants are USFDA, EU, HACCP, BRC & ISO : 22000 standards certified and located close to the port city of Chennai which logistically facilitates our expedited shipping practices and reduces time lags in the process of the shrimp reaching our customers. Our plants are well equipped with modern and state of the art machinery and run by skilled personnel. We ensure hygienic conditions are always maintained. To maintain quality and ensure uninterrupted production we maintain a unidirectional flow of material, from the raw material receiving area to pre processing, processing, freezing, packing, storage and finally shipment. We also track the product through every stage in its journey to our customers.

We import White Vannemi (Litopaneaus Vannamei) produced in our own farms. All FDA regulations and compliance rules are adhered to without compromise to guarantee the best quality shrimp products. We ensure durable and eco-friendly packaging to maintain the quality and freshness of the product.